Time Control - Anti Aging
Time Control Mask

Pampering creamy facial mask for more mature skin. Enriched with peptides*, evening primrose oil and milk thistle oil* as well as horsetail and Ginseng. When used regularly, this intensive treatment helps skin to appear younger. For a velvety smooth, youthful skin feel!

* Recommended ingredients by Society for Dermopharmacy.

5 x 6 ml

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Travel-Tip: Practical single tubes enable optimal dosing product. Ideal for travel

Effective ingredients:

Ginseng: Anti-oxidative action and rich in vitamins and minerals.
Aloe Vera: Rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids. Hydrates, smooths and reduces irritations
Matrixyl® 3000: The anti-aging Bota-peptides stimulate collagen production and improve tone and elasticity of skin.  Case studies have verified the rejuvenating effect.