All Day Body Lotion

The body lotion with a wonderfully delicate texture provides your skin with daily nourishment. The refreshing formula smoothes over the skin easily and is quickly absorbed. It leaves a silky smooth skin and provides your body with a refreshing fragrance. Aloe Vera, glycerine and lactic acid support the skin’s balance of moisture making it appear silky smooth and velvety again. Free from mineral oil, silicon oil, parabens, PEG containing emulsifiers, lanolin and colorants.

250 ml

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Directions for use: Apply to the whole body mornings and/or evenings after showering or bathing.

Effective ingredients
Aloe Vera: provides moisture and helps to sooth the skin
Lactic acid: helps to regulate the physiological pH value of the skin, component of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor)
Glycerine: moisture binding, helps the skin to protect from drying out